You Won’t Believe What Happens When Zombies Invade a Beach and Do This!

Mar 26, 2015 at 3:45 pm |

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Everything’s cooler in Australia, even the zombies apparently.

This funny video will whisk you away from a gloomy Thursday and take you Down Under to a land of cool accents, perfect beaches, and gory undead with mad dance skills.

Posted to YouTube yesterday, March 25, the video features a group of zombies from the 2014 Australian independent horror film Wyrmwood, which is in talks to have a sequel sometime in 2017. They stormed Bondi Beach in Sydney to promote the movie’s DVD release on April 2.

Aside from breaking out in a fleshy flash mob, the zombies were sure to have some fun on the beach, scaring and pranking the sunbathers.

What SPF do they recommend for undead skin anyway?

We invaded theatres last night. Did you guys get a chance to see it? #wyrmwood

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