You’ve Heard of Sharknado, but Sharkcano? Fascinating Discovery in the Pacific.

Jul 17, 2015 at 12:37 pm |

Scientists studying the Kavachi volcano in the southwest Pacific Ocean were thrilled when they were able to get footage of the inside of the geological structure, but what they found there absolutely left them speechless: sharks.

The volcano, referred to by locals as “Kavachi’s oven,” is located off the coast of the Solomon Islands and is one of the most active submarine volcanoes in the Pacific today. Scientists of all kinds are naturally drawn to the volcano, and University of Rhode Island PhD student Brennan Phillips is no exception. He and a team of researchers made the discovery while lowering down an underwater camera that was specially equipped to withstand the heat of the volcano.

After reviewing footage on their search for “weird stuff” inside the volcano, they saw a dark creature moving along in one of the frames. When they went back to look more closely at the footage, they realized that what they were looking at was a rare Pacific sleeper shark.

Aside from the fascinating realization that the predator could survive in the volcano’s hostile, acidic environment, this is also believed to be the farthest south a sleeper shark has ever been documented, making it truly an incredible discovery.

Sure sounds like the plot of a bad Syfy movie, but it’s all true! Watch the spooky footage below and SHARE with a friend!

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Scientists were baffled to find this heat-loving shark dwelling inside a volcano! See it here.