You Need to See This New Time-Lapse from Space

Dec 23, 2014 at 9:59 am |

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According to his Twitter, Alexander Gerst is a “European of German nationality,  astronaut, geophysicist, volcanologist and explorer. [Who] recently returned from the International Space Station.” But to most people on the planet, he’s known as the social media astronaut who, during his tenure on the ISS, never failed to give us unexcelled glimpses of what life is like in outer space.

After launching in May 2014, Gerst began his sixth-month, European Space Agency-sponsored Blue Dot Mission. During this time, he lived on the International Space Station performing experiments in human physiology, biology, and radiation research, among other disciplines.

Throughout his tenure, Gerst became well-known on the internet because of his avid posting on social media. The photos of space, especially the stunning ones of Earth, have fascinated us throughout the Blue Dot Mission – and now 12,500 of them have been lapsed together in this incredible video. Watch sunrises, thunderstorms, auroras, tropical storms, and night-lit cities, all from space – absolutely incredible.

Gerst returned back to our ‘pale blue dot’ in early November.

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