World’s Strongest Metal Discovered By Scientists and It’s Disgusting

Feb 19, 2015 at 5:44 pm |

Snail’s teeth.

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have discovered what they believe to be the strongest naturally occurring metal on the Earth, and it’s snail’s teeth.

Limpets – tiny, aquatic, snail-like creatures – have microscopic, geothite-filled teeth so strong that scientists now believe humans could eventually harvest the material to make bulletproof vests, cords, cars, and even planes.

At a 100th the width of a human hair, researchers say that limpet teeth have a strength of 5 gigapascals. That’s approximately five times stronger than what, until now, we believed to be the strongest natural material in the world: spider silk.

Furthermore, scientists are saying that the teeth are equally as strong regardless of size, and that larger teeth are not necessarily more likely to break under pressure.

To put it all into perspective, researches said that a stretch of limpet teeth the size of a piece of spaghetti would be able to support the weight of a fully-grown female hippopotamus.

Sound preposterous? It’s true!

Do you really believe that the tooth of this animal is the strongest natural product in the world? Decide here!