World’s First ‘Car in a Bag’ Looks Awesome

Aug 7, 2015 at 3:47 pm |

car in a bag 1

(Photo by Cocoa Motors/ Reuters)

“What if we could just carry our transportation around with us?” Now we can.

26-year-old Japanese engineer Kuniako Saito and his team at Cocoa Motors just unveiled their newest creation: the lithium battery-powered WalkCar, which is being hailed as the world’s first car in a bag.

It’s even smaller than Lexus’ hoverboard, and it looks like it’s a lot easier to maneuver. Weighing between 4.4-6.6 pounds, the WalkCar is made from lightweight aluminum and can hold up to 265 pounds. With a top speed of about 6.2 miles per hour, this will get you around a lot faster than walking.

Basically, the WalkCar functions like a Segway but without the bulky handle system. The size of this invention is the coolest part; imagine never having to wait for a parking spot ever again! You could easily put this in your bag or backpack and be on your way.

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