World’s Biggest ‘Mario’ Fan Takes 6 Years to Crochet ‘Mario’ Blanket

Jun 23, 2015 at 1:47 pm |

super mario bros crochet blanket

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In life, there are few things better than snuggling up in a chair or on the couch and enjoying a nice session of video games. But one man just made gaming even more comfortable.

Meet Kjetil Nordin, a 31-year-old Norwegian who may very well be the world’s biggest Mario fan. He spent the last six years of his life crocheting a 7’2″ x 5’10” blanket of the World 1 map from Super Mario Bros. 3. Have you ever heard of such dedication to video games?

The project took about 800 hours of Nordin’s free time, and he paid such meticulous attention to detail that he searched out the perfect colors and shades of yarn. At one point, when one color didn’t look right—too purple instead of blue—he spent a week undoing all of the progress he had made on the map’s water.

We know that this serious undertaking may make it seem like Nordin is the world’s biggest nerd, but that’s really not the case. During his six-year project, he also got two university degrees, started a job, and won two Norwegian Sky Diving championship…twice. Some people, man.

Honestly, this thing is so cool. Can we just stop for a second and talk about HOW SOFT it looks? Nordin says he wants to mount in on a wall, but I think it would be a crime for him to do anything besides wrap himself up in that for hours on end. At least that’s what I would do if I lived in Norway.

Check out the rest of the awesome pictures below:

Mario Carpet

Think you’re a big Mario fan? Think again. You won’t believe how dedicated this guy is!