Leeroy You Moron! ‘World of Warcraft’ Leeroy Jenkins Video Turns 10

May 12, 2015 at 2:44 pm |

Back in the early days of YouTube and viral videos, you may remember watching an entertaining clip from a World of Warcraft battle gone wrong.

In the video, the player guild PALS FOR LIFE spends several minutes carefully strategizing their next move, meticulously planning each detail from who’s entering the Rookery first to who is using what attack. Suddenly, one player character named Leeroy Jenkins announces, “All right, time’s up, let’s do this. LEEEROYYYYYY JEEEENKINSSS!” and runs boldly and alone into a room full of enemies that totally outrank him.

The rest of the guild panics as they hastily follow in their rogue companion, trying desperately to “stick to the plan” as chaos ensues. As the enemy whelps quickly start wiping out the guild, the other players are quick to turn on Leeroy, saying “G*ddamnit, Leeroy,” “Leeroy, you moron!” and “Why do you do this sh*t, Leeroy?”

Before they can do anything else, the entire guild is down, and just as the video closes, Leeroy proclaims, “At least I have chicken.”

The beauty and sheer hilarity of this video comes from the irony of watching these WoW devotees take so much time planning, only to have ridiculous Leeroy ruin everything. This “Leeroy Jenkins” clip quickly turned into an internet sensation, breaking out of the realm of gaming and into mainstream media and humor. The World of Warcraft franchise even went on to honor Leeroy Jenkins’ creator – gamer Ben Schulz – by awarding the title of “Jenkins” to players who can kill 50 of the Rookery whelp dragons in 15 seconds.

It’s hard to believe that this video, born in the dawn of all things viral, turned 10 yesterday (May 11). Take a second to re-watch it and remember how hard it made you laugh a decade ago. It still has us cracking up.

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It’s hard to believe that one of the first viral videos ever just turned 10. Do you remember this gem?