Scientists Say ‘Warmest Winter Ever’

Mar 20, 2015 at 12:35 pm |

Happy first day of spring!

But before we get started with warmer weather, April showers, May flowers, and dreams of summer, let’s talk about winter for one more second.

According to scientists at the National Climatic Data Center, winter 2014-15 was the warmest winter on record.

Hold up.

If you are from the majority of the US or Europe, you might remember the constantly freezing and below zero temperatures, endless days of snow and sleet, and totally unprecedented amounts of snow in places that had no business being that cold (we’re looking at you, Tennessee and Alabama).

And yet, despite months of suffering (parts of the country are bracing themselves for even more snow today, so much for spring), scientists now want us to believe these three crazy global stats:

1. This past December–February was the warmest on record
2. February 2015 was the second warmest February on record
3. The extent of the February Arctic Ocean ice was the third smallest on record

Pretty hard to believe, especially if you’re from any area that was hit hard all winter long. But what exactly does it mean when they say that it was the “warmest winter on record”?

The NCDC starting recording in 1880, so all records are based off of the 135-year period between then and now. According to their data, the average global land and ocean surface temperature this winter was 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average. Individually, the average global land surface temperature was 2.63°F above average, and the globally-averaged sea surface temperature was 0.97°F higher than average.

So, while the increase may have been slight, it still broke records.

Still unhappy with what the National Climatic Data Center has to say?

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