What’s Inside Paul Revere and Sam Adams’ Time Capsule?

Jan 6, 2015 at 4:01 pm |

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Like a belated Christmas gift to America, a time capsule supposedly sealed by two heroes of our nation’s history, Sam Adams and Paul Revere, is scheduled to be opened today in Boston – and the internet’s appetite is whetted for something super-duper exciting.

According to local media, the capsule was placed under the State House cornerstone in 1795 and was dug up in early December of last year. Will the capsule simply be filled with coins, broken china, and a few memos for the future? X-rays show us that there are coins inside (which were recorded in the capsules 1855 “reburying ceremony”), but maybe we’ll find something more unexpected…

Check out what the internet thinks might be in there:

What do you think the past has to say?

What do you think we’re going to find inside Paul Revere and Sam Adams’ time capsule? Take a guess!