Weird Wednesday: Incredible Footage of Great White Sharks Eating Enormous Dead Whale

Jun 24, 2015 at 4:43 pm |

I’ve seen some crazy stuff on the internet, but this really takes the cake (for now). These guys were fishing off of Long Island when they found a 40-foot dead whale floating in the water, surrounded by sharks. Naturally, they decided to film the scene.

How in the world can this guy keep filming as a great white shark literally tries biting off his hand just blows my mind. No chill whatsoever. That shark is Jaws reincarnate!

Even crazier than the sharks trying to eat their boat is the humongous dead whale. You don’t see something like that every day, especially not with tons of shark bites just missing from it. Those sharks won’t be hungry for weeks!

I think I’ve already watched this five times. See it for yourself:

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This guy legitimately keeps filming as the shark tries to BITE HIM. No chill whatsoever.