Watch This Rocket Man Make History on His Jetpack

Jul 13, 2015 at 4:42 pm |

Stuntman and absolute daredevil Nick Macomber is no stranger to setting records and performing death-defying feats.

Over the weekend, the young rocket man made history by performing the first successful jetpack flight in China. Over 1,000 onlookers gathered in Beijing to watch the feat, likened to a mini rocket launch as Macomber went over ten stories into the air.

Considering his track record, this was a fairly easy performance for Nick. Last year, he jumped off the roof of a hotel to show off his jetpack skills. He also helped carry the Olympic torch in 2012. Later on, in an interview, Macomber said that flying on the jetpack is already second nature to him: “It feels like you’re riding a bicycle into the sky. It becomes a part of me. It’s like walking, you don’t think about walking anymore, you just walk. You go where you want to go. That’s how it is for me to fly [….] One of my biggest dreams is to fly over the Great Wall.”

Although jetpack testing began in the ’50s, we’ve still only come so far. Macomber’s flight time with three tanks of fuel only lasts for about 30 seconds. The company behind the equipment, Jet Pack International, is currently working on a new system that would allow for more time in the air.

We still think that Yves Rossy’s jetpack design is much cooler, but watching Macomber’s stunts makes us hopeful that jetpacks will be common transportation in the future. How badly would you want to ride one? SHARE with your friends and let us know below!

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“It’s like walking, you don’t think about walking anymore, you just walk. That’s how it is for me to fly.” SO COOL.