Two Minutes Closer to Doomsday

Jan 22, 2015 at 5:12 pm |

In 1947, scientists working on the Manhattan Project created a symbolic Doomsday Clock on which midnight represents global catastrophe. Factors influencing the movement of the minute hand are terrorism, climate change, and nuclear weapons.

Throughout the Cold War, the clock constantly teetered dangerously close to midnight, but after the signing of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty and the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the clock was set back to 17 minutes before midnight.

Since 2000, major factors affecting the movement of the clock have been the 9/11 attacks and nuclear arms testing by North Korea. The last time scientists changed the clock was in 2012 when it moved forward from six minutes to fives minutes to midnight.

Today (Jan. 22), however, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists made the announcement that we are now “3 minutes to midnight.” The panel of scientists of the internationally broadcasted conference cited their reasons as having to do with an ongoing nuclear arms race, the lack of international sanctioning regarding nuclear arms, and the alarming increase of carbon emissions in the atmosphere.

What do you think? Are we really only three minutes away from the apocalypse?

You can watch some footage from today’s announcement below:

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The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists announced that we are now ‘three minutes’ away from global catastrophe!