Throwback Thursday: Crystal Pepsi Might Be Coming Back to Shelves

Jun 11, 2015 at 4:47 pm |

You haven’t seen a taste like this in 23 years.

Most of us that were alive in 1992 will remember the first time they saw or tried Crystal Pepsi. The short-lived marketing campaign took the regular, dark drink, and instead gave us the same taste in a caffeine-free clear cola. Crazy!

Along with crazy promotional ads that tried convincing us this drink was the future, Pepsi wanted us to think that a clearer drink meant a healthier drink. Clearly their campaign didn’t work for long, and Crystal Pepsi was done with by 1993…until now.

An aggressively popular social media campaign and tens of thousands of signatures on have resulted in one of the most beautiful examples of the power of American democracy: it looks like Crystal Pepsi is making a comeback.

The most popular campaign to bring the see-through soft drink back to stores was headed by competitive eater Kevin Strahle, who goes by the name L.A. Beast. In a June 8th tweet, Strahle shared with his fans the image of a letter from Pepsi saying, “We definitely hear you and your followers and we think you’ll all be happy with what’s in store.”

All signs point to yes. We’ll have to see how the cola giant delivers to its fans, and if they’re able to make the transparent treat a lasting trend this time around. Personally, I’m not a Pepsi fan, but I hope that the return of Crystal Pepsi also means the return of a radically 90’s ad campaign:

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This blast from the past could be back in a supermarket near you!