This Teenager Woke Up with an Earache. What He Discovered in His Ear Will Make You Cringe

Jul 1, 2015 at 2:45 pm |

WARNING: this story will confirm that all of your biggest fears about bugs crawling on you in your sleep are true.

14-year-old Grant Botti woke up yesterday morning (June 30) at his home in Arkansas with a severe pain in his ear. What happened next is sure to scar him for some time.

Dazed from sleep and confused from the pain, Grant reached for his ear, only to feel something wriggling around inside. That’s when he pulled out a four-inch centipede.

Disgusted by his discovery, Grant’s mom quickly put the insect into a plastic baggie and then rushed her son to the hospital. The teenager was still in pain, and doctors found some minor scraping inside his ear and eardrum. Thankfully, Grant was released a short while later and should recover fully.

Nobody knows how or when the centipede crawled in there, but one thing is for sure: Grant will probably be sleeping with earmuffs from now on. (I probably will, too.)

Have you ever heard of anything this gross? Let us know below!

You’ll be sleeping with earmuffs after you see what this kid found in his ear…