This Roller Coaster Will Literally Kill You

Jan 23, 2015 at 4:36 pm |

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Julijonas Urbonas is a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. He is also the creator of the first scale model of a roller coaster so tall and fast that it would kill all of its riders.

The so-called “Euthanasia Coaster” features a 500-meter drop tower followed by seven loops. The combination of extreme g-force and a lack of blood flow to the brain would cause certain death for anybody on the ride. Urbonas says that such an execution would be done “humanely with euphoria and certain pleasure.”

In his words, existing euthanasia machines are “medicalized, secularized, sterilized,” but with the roller coaster “ritual is brought back to the contemporary description of death.” Urbonas suggests that the coaster may be an alternative to overpopulation or extended life longevity in the future. He describes the murder machine as a “pleasurable and thrilling experience” since the minute-long exposure to 10 g across the loops would induce the euphoric feeling associated with an inefficient supply of oxygen to the brain. Most passengers would go brain dead on the first two loops before dying on the following five.

The Euthanasia Coaster would be the 10th-tallest structure ever built. Would you jump on for a ride?

The best (and last) ride of your life! Learn about the “Euthanasia Coaster”…