This Is the Most Scary Animal We Have Ever Seen

Jun 8, 2015 at 5:22 pm |

We think this is the missing link between ninjas and turtles.

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No, this is not a hoax!

Check out this mysterious creature caught on video in Taiwan by fisherman Wei Cheng Jian. Apparently it’s a kind of nemertea, or ribbon worm. These guys are normally shorter than eight inches and only a few millimeters in width, but the longest one ever found was estimated to be 177 feet, making it the longest animal in the world. Yuck!

What’s even scarier than this freaky green worm? The fact that it can reproduce Mogwai style – breaking off a piece of it produces a whole new worm!

We wonder what this giant has been feasting on? Toxic sludge, pizza, and nightmares are most likely in his diet.

Forget horror movies — this short video will keep you awake tonight.