This Girl Might Have the World’s Longest Tongue, Even KISS Would Be Jealous

May 13, 2015 at 6:06 pm |

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Meet Adrianne Lewis, a seemingly normal, 18-year-old girl. That is, until she opens her mouth.

Adrianne has tried for years to earn the Guinness Record for World’s Longest Tongue, and now believes that she’s closer than ever. With a tongue that measures 4″ when fully extended, she may just be right. Records indicate that the previous record holder’s tongue only measured 3.9 inches.

With her tongue being her claim to fame, the 18-year-old’s Twitter handle is even @LongTongueLewis, and she also makes YouTube videos where she answers questions from fans — as long as they’re appropriate. Coming from a long line of family members with long tongues, Adrianne’s potentially record-breaking tongue makes her life a little crazier than the average teenager’s, and while her stale Q&A videos may not go viral anytime soon, in her boyfriend Tim’s words, “Just appreciate the person that’s attached to the tongue.”

I’ve never seen anyone touch their tongue to their elbow until now! This video is so weird, but I can’t look away.