These ‘Harry Potter’ Pancakes Will Make Your Breakfast Magical

Jun 22, 2015 at 12:56 pm |


harry potter pancakes

(Photo by YouTube/ Nathan Shields)

Breakfast foods are easily the trendiest foods of the moment. Between breakfast in bed, cute new neighborhood cafés, and the ever popular drunk brunch, your favorite fruits, egg dishes, meats, and baked goods are now the stars of your daily or weekend routine. Add Harry Potter to the mix, and you’ve got a magical breakfast you’ll never forget.

We talked about family man and pancake connoisseur Nathan Shields a while back after watching his incredible pancake videos and drooling at our desks. He has shown his absolutely mastery of skillet-top cooking by creating a variety of beloved characters and celebrities.

Now, due to a high volume of fan requests on his YouTube page, Shields has delivered yet another awesome pancake making video, straight from the kitchens of Hogwarts.

How did this guy discover this talent? And do you think it’s hardier or easier than it looks. All I know is now I’m craving pancakes… Accio syrup!

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Accio syrup! These magical pancakes will have your mouth watering!