The Weird & Wonderful Tech Trends of 2014

Dec 29, 2014 at 1:22 pm |


Source: Storyful/DRCihmcRobotics

Story Courtesy: Storyful, JJ Worrall

Like any year, 2014 saw product releases, mergers, acquisitions and innovations all catch the eye of technology news buffs. However, a festive season rundown of the year’s best stories is probably best begun with some of the more leftfield and downright odd moments in the tech world of the past 12 months.

Congratulations for instance to the person who came up with the indispensable online resource that is the Hipster Business Name Generator. Kudos to the initiative, if not the logic, of the steering wheel-focused Kickstarter campaign which seemed to prioritize smartphones over airbags. Plus well done to the man who destroyed several iPhone 6s in the name of science. Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul was a surprising entrant to the tech news pages too, as he backed the Yo B*tch app.

Thanks must also go to the wizards who harked back to the 1980s to create a working hoverboard and a robot (almost) able to execute the Karate Kid’s crane kick.

When it comes to the genuinely big stories of the year you have to start with the ‘gates’. Apple’s Bendgate fiasco went viral as customers found their new devices bending in their pockets. GamerGate spiraled out of control as the phrase ‘ethics in games journalism’ became synonymous with masking other intentions. Ubergate also concerned journalists, however this time there was the veiled threat from Uber’s Emil Michael of digging up details of their private lives.

Elsewhere, Apple again made headlines though this time it was the company’s entrance to the smartwatch market which caught the eye. While in other news Minecraft creators Mojang were bought out by Microsoft, Ello made a dent in the social media market and Instagram users had fun with Hyperlapse. While the tiny Rasberry Pi computer’s impact on the lives of some Syrian refugees should also be noted.

Two technologies dominated the viral video market as drone and GoPro usage surged. The best GoPro clips online included dogs playing on the beach, a lambchop leaving London for space, Shia LaBeouf’s silent hour-long interview, a real-life recreation of Far Cry 4 and a GoPro getting deep fried.

Amazing drone footage captured footage of protests in Hong Kong, Iceland’s stunning landscapes as well as a wedding party downing whisky. While elsewhere a wearable drone landed a $500,000 prize from Intel and a meddlesome drone caused a European soccer match between Serbia and Albania to be abandoned.

Taking all that into account, here’s our top five tech-related video moments of 2014.

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