The Only State of the Union Recap You Need

Jan 21, 2015 at 12:15 pm |

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

Vice President Joe Biden applauds while House Speaker John Boehner looks unamused (Photo by Mandel Ngan-Pool/Getty Images)

Last night was President Barack Obama’s penultimate State of the Union Address. The annual televised event is a speech given by the POTUS to a joint session of Congress that allows our nation’s leader to discuss his legislative agenda while blowing smaller accomplishments out of proportion. Attending the SOTU also substitutes as going to the gym for liberal Members of Congress, who, due to the nonstop standing ovations, got in about a month’s worth of squats.

By the end of the night, President Obama had given himself and Congress more than enough reasons to pat themselves on the back time and time again and go to bed with smug grins on their faces. Biden couldn’t stop smiling, and Boehner couldn’t stop pouting. If we had to put the whole address into a phrase, it would be something like, “This century has literally sucked so far. America’s economy is the best, but the middle class keeps getting poorer, and the American military is the best so we’re using it less. Now get this: free community college for everybody. Peace!” Drops mic, cues applause.

But just in case you missed the address, we’re going to skip the gritty politics and bring you a succinct recap of the night’s most important happenings, along with reactions from social media.

First of all, there was that time when the President talked about his successful campaigns by saying, “I know because I wont both of them,” inspiring the viral hashtag #IWonBothofThem as well as the meme seen below. Yes, in his final days, Obama is re-transitioning from the most powerful man in the free world back to a sort of frat superstar, which you have to admit is at least a little charming. Especially the Zac Efron-inspired lip bites, or when he walked to the podium at the beginning of the night and winked cooly.

Things got even better when Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa delivered the Republican Address to the Nation, a sort of rebuttal to the President’s speech. Ernst, known to be a salt-of-the-Earth type, discussed the economic troubles of the early 21st century by sharing an anecdote about her childhood. She grew up in a budgeted family, and she and the other children in her neighborhood had to wear bread bags over their feet on their way to school to protect their best pairs of shoes.

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While the Senator’s intent was to relate her own humble beginnings to other middle class conservatives, she instead sparked a hilarious creative response from the online community, which cooked up its own imaginings of white, rye, and even pumpernickel shoes. Gives a whole new meaning to loafers.

But the Senator — who wore camouflage heels, mind you — is no stranger to bizarre antics. If you’ve never seen the following campaign video that jokes about castrating politicians, you can watch it below:

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Yet another source of excitement from last night came from Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, whose sarcastic tweet from before the SOTU landed him in ironic hot water regarding Obama’s announcement of his new free community college initiative.

But the single most important event of the night was when a chance camera angle introduced us all to Dr. Ernest Moniz, a nuclear physicist and current Secretary of Energy. For those of us who were not yet savvy regarding the President’s Cabinet, Moniz is a new fascination. His conspicuous looks have also grabbed the fancy of social media.

But we’ve found that Moniz is just a regular guy who likes baseball and Sesame Street.

Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz at Red Sox Game

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)


Looks like it was a heck of a night for politics and social media alike!

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