The Hyperloop Is Happening

Feb 26, 2015 at 6:20 pm |

Every day, the future gets a little bit closer. (Think about that.)

The brainchild of legendary inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk – the 43-year-old worth $12.3 billion – the Hyperloop may very well be the future of human transportation.

Like something out of any comic, sci-fi movie, or Futurama, the Hyperloop is a project being spearheaded by Hyperloop Transportation Technologies that would change everything about the way you travel. Imagine a cross between those old-fashioned vacuum chutes at the bank drive-thru and a super-fast bullet train. Basically, the Hyperloop would consist of a network of [underground] tunnels used for capsules (like train cars) that would carry people at speeds like Mach 1 – or over 760 mph. The system would run at least partially on solar power and cut down on pollution and harmful emissions made by cars and other available transport.

Sound like science fiction? Engineers said that they’ve already figured out how to build the tunnels and supports. The big task now is how to achieve zero friction between the capsules and the tunnels. How will they test this out? By building a five-mile very mini test track, of course, and only for a lowly cost of $100 million.

Say what? Yes, it’s expensive, but the project is being backed by all of Elon Musk’s millions of fans, and the SpaceX and Tesla Motors CEO said that he expects to earn the money via crowdfunding before 2015 is over.

Do you think Elon’s side project will become the future of American transportation? It certainly would be cool.

Zoom zoom, folks.

Elon Musk’s Hyerloop will begin building a test track this year. Is this the future of transportation?