The Chinese Are Now Using Drones to Stop Cheating in Schools

Jun 8, 2015 at 4:28 pm |

Not surprisingly, China is extra strict when it comes to standardized testing.

This year, to prevent any cheating in the nationwide university entrance exam, school officials in Luoyang have employed the use of a drone. Think of it like a flying robotic teacher/police officer.

The six-propeller drone was used in two different testing centers and kept an aerial view over the room packed with students to monitor the use of any outside or illegal materials; not to mention, any good old fashioned note passing or secret peeking. Reportedly, the drone cost tens of thousands of dollars.

More than nine million students across the country started the test — which can last two to three days — on Sunday (June 7). After the first day, no cheating was reported by the drone in Luoyang.

Are we going to start seeing this in our schools?

Are we going to start seeing this in American schools?