The All-Inclusive Custom-Made Playbox

Jan 16, 2015 at 12:01 pm |

Sick of switching back and forth between game consoles? Now you don’t have to when you purchase a custom-made Playbox!

Eddie Zarick, a self-described hacker and prototyper, has managed to cram a PS4 and Xbox One into a 22-inch bespoke laptop. He unveiled the device in a blog post on January 13 and the accompanying explanation video is already set to pass one million views on YouTube. Naming it the Playbox 4One, Zarick had to make sacrifices to make everything fit. The USB ports on the Xbox are not available and there were some issues with the PS4 power button. But overall Zarick declared himself happy with the end product, writing that, ‘it came out beautifully.’

Zarick already sells Xboxs and Playstations in laptop form as Xbooks and Playbooks respectively. He warns that this model will cost substantially more, thanks to the high cost and complexity of the process.

A video detailing how he makes a basic console-laptop hybrid is included below. His YouTube channel carries more explanation videos.

Story Courtesy:Kevin Donnellan

Credit: Eddie Zarick
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