Text Like Spock with This Secret ‘Star Trek’ Emoji!

Jul 27, 2015 at 11:30 am |

Heads Up, This Will Only Work On Your Phone!

star trek vulcan salute 1

(Photo by Apple)

Live long and prosper. These four words are known by millions of Star Trek fans around the planet as the Vulcan salute first spoken by Mr. Spock on the second episode of the original show in 1967.

But even more famous than the spoken words is the synonymous gesture made by raising the hand while parting the middle and ring fingers. The symbol is so well known, in fact, that they turned it into an emoji, and now you can get it on your phone.

First thing’s first: you need iOS or OS X. This won’t work on a Droid. Then, while on your phone, select the emojis from this site and copy them.

Now that you have them copied, you can then text them immediately to a friend or store them in your phone. The easiest way to keep these handy is by saving them as text shortcuts in your phone (Settings>General>Keyboard>Shortcuts). Create an easy shortcut that will link you to the emoji of your choice

star trek spock emoji

(Photo by Apple)

I saved mine using “llap,” so that whenever I text those letters, the emoji will automatically appear. Easy as pie! Try this out for yourself and don’t forget to SHARE the Star Trek love with a friend. Peace and long life!

star trek vulcan salute

(Photo by Apple)

You’re one step away from getting the Vulcan salute on your phone. Click here!