See Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s Upcoming Biopic

May 18, 2015 at 11:09 am |

“No one sees the world the same way you do.”

These are the dark, daunting words pitched against an optimistic and unwavering Steve Jobs at the climax of an intense and even mysterious trailer for the upcoming movie, which juxtaposes Jobs on stage and under the lights while fellow Apple execs are seen apprehensively waiting in the shadows.

Steve Jobs is set to release on October 9, 2015, shortly after the four-year anniversary of the Apple co-founder’s death. Written by Aaron Sorkin (The Social Network) and adapted from Walter Isaacson’s biography, the intensity of this first trailer isn’t surprising given director Danny Boyle’s previous work on films such as 127 Hours and 28 Days Later.

We’ve seen Michael Fassbender deliver before in movies like Inglourious Basterds, Prometheus, and 12 Years a Slave, but it’s safe to say that the pressure is on as he portrays the late great icon of the counterculture. Will the signature black turtleneck sweater and round wire-rimmed glasses be enough to transform Fassbender into the enigmatic inventor the world knew as Steve Jobs?

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Will the turtleneck sweater and wire-rimmed glasses be enough to transform Fassbender into the inventor we all knew as Steve Jobs?