You Can Now Stay in a Batcave-Themed Hotel Room

Mar 2, 2015 at 3:23 pm |

Think you’re the world’s biggest Batman fan?

Then pack up your Batmobile and head to Taiwan’s Eden Motel, which is making headlines at the moment because of their newly-renovated Batcave suite. The room is absolutely filled to the brim with Batman paraphernalia, from the structure itself being designed to look like a cave, to murals and posters on the walls and the Bat-Signal carved into just about everything.

What’s the catch to feeling like a real-life caped crusader? The room charges an hourly rate, which means you might not want to spend the cash to – er – fight crime all night long.

The motel also features room themes like prison (Alcatraz), underwater, and ancient Egypt. Which one would you stay in?

Holy dedication to detail, Batman! This suite is a Batman lover’s dream, but there’s only one catch. See the room here!