‘Star Wars’ Just Got a Whole Lot Sexier

Jul 16, 2015 at 5:33 pm |

That’s No Moon.

Star Wars has always been sexy. Blasters, lightsabers, Leia’s buns, The Force…you get the idea. But this new photo shoot for GQ is unlike anything we’ve seen before.

When I first started watching Amy Schumer’s show, I wasn’t a huge fan. Luckily, I’ve come to my senses since then, and I can now appreciate her for the clever and outspoken comedienne she is. This latest series of pictures, in which she totally sexualizes Star Wars and plays into the whole Princess Leia fantasy, is another ridiculous PR stunt she can add to her list. And people are loving it.

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Being hailed as one of “the funniest people in the Galaxy,” Schumer’s photo shoot features her in provocative poses with phallic lightsabers, dancing Stormtroopers, Chewy in a leather bar, and the ever-scandalized C-3PO. Obviously, R2’s going along for the ride with no qualms because he’s a total boss.

Whether you love Amy Schumer or love to hate her, you have to admit that these pictures go to show what an awesome sense of humor she has. I can just imagine her getting ready for the sexy shoot and saying, “Now, witness the power of this fully operation battle station.”

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