Stan Lee Draws Personalized Spiderman for Boy with Autism

Feb 24, 2015 at 3:26 pm |

Looks like Spider-Man co-creator Stan Lee is a superhero himself.

After The New York Times did a story on Jamel Hunter, an eight-year-old boy with autism from Queens, something very special happened. Former jazz musician Corky Hale caught wind of the boy’s impactful story and reached out to one man she knew who could help: neighbor Stan Lee.

Jamel is a huge Spider-Man fan. He finds pleasure and peace in the myriad comics, cartoons, and toys produced by the franchise. Corky’s request was simple. Even though Lee is no artist, he agreed to draw a picture of his famous superhero creation saying “Hi Jamel” in a speech bubble.

The final product? A priceless gift for the troubled little boy 2450 miles away and an amazing story that’s sure to warm your heart this winter.

See the priceless drawing that Spider-Man creator Stan Lee did for a autistic little boy! Click here…