Sionara, Sims: EA Shuts Down Maxis Studio

Mar 5, 2015 at 4:50 pm |

It’s a sad day in the computer gaming world following Electronic Arts’ announcement that it will be shutting down Maxis Emeryville, the studio that brought us such classic games like SimCity and The Sims.

All the hours you spent across the years, from building cities large and small to focusing instead on neighborhoods, households, and the fine details of interior design will be a mere memory now… or a few clicks away if you still have the software to support these iconic games.

Founded in 1987, Maxis’ Sims franchise dulled down in recent years, receiving critical and commercial failure. Following such lulls in an otherwise successful production history, employees began tweeting out concerns about the company’s future in the months prior to this announcement.

Still, that doesn’t mean that your favorite Sims games will be gone forever. EA has announced that more Sims expansion pacts and operations will be released through sister studios in other cities and countries.

Think of it this way: Maxis Emeryville getting shut down is just like the times you would have a giant robot alien destroy your Sims’ entire city, or a “freak” fire burn down your Sims’ house, but that never meant it was the end – you got right back up and rebuilt.

Building, destruction, and reconstruction are all a part of business. Although admittedly, it’s a lot harder without a cheat code (rosebud and move_objects on for life).

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