Sexiest Male Video Game Characters

Mar 10, 2015 at 10:00 am |

Happy Mario Day everybody!

In honor of the video game world’s most famous stud, we decided to throw together a list of the hottest male video game characters.

Video games give you an alternate reality filled with plenty of hotties that you can control, battle, and otherwise drool over for hours and hours of play. But who said that all games were filled with scantily clad girls or damsels in distress? Plenty of girls and guys out there know where the real action is at: the men.

Whether endearingly cartoonish or so realistic that you can feel their muscle pressing up against you, these are the sexiest male video game characters to grace your screen (and dreams).

You just wish you could get your hands all over their controllers…

In honor of Mario Day, check out the hottest male video game characters you just wish you could get your hands on…