Want It, Need It, Gotta’ Have It! This Self-Cleaning Toilet Is Going to Make Your Life So Much Easier

Mar 18, 2015 at 11:33 am |

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Forget weekend chores and fire your cleaning lady– you could live like a king (or queen) with this impressive piece of German engineering.

Unfortunately, this self-cleaning toilet isn’t made in America, but we’ve learned by now to trust those industrious Germans with their technology and mega-efficiency.

Your shower might already have the automatic Scrubbing Bubbles, so just imagine all the time you would save by having a toilet that cleans itself, too! No more nasty touching, getting down on your hands and needs to get the job done, and no more unsightly toilet brush! If they keep coming out with technology like this, the future doesn’t look so bad after all!

The video above was taken in a German mall! Come on, Obama: they need to install these things in airports and gas stations ASAP!

Who knew the Germans hate cleaning the toilet as much as you do? You have to see this to believe it…