Ryan Reynolds Is a Boss in the Official Comic-Con ‘Deadpool’ Trailer

Aug 5, 2015 at 12:18 pm |

After months of waiting, the official Deadpool trailer is here in all its NSFW glory.

While I’m just as excited as everyone else about the movie–set to premiere in February 2016–I have to voice my one complaint: we’ve seen practically all of this footage before. Since Deadpool started previewing teasers and tastes of the film to come over the past year, we’ve seen that car fight scene and the whole “red suit/ brown pants” bit every time.

True, now it’s all in crystal-clear HD, and thankfully, there is a little new material. What caught my attention most in this new trailer was the kill scene where Deadpool knocks out three bad guys with one bullet.

Not only do we get to watch the bullet soar through three different heads with plenty of gore–which we hardly ever get to see in superhero movies these days–but then Deadpool inhales the smoking barrels and exhales it through his mouth.

What a boss. Watch it below and SHARE with your friends if you’re pumped for Deadpool!

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The new, NSFW “Deadpool” trailer features the coolest superhero kill scene you’ve ever witnessed.