These Pictures Prove That Rihanna Has Been Cosplaying as Mario Characters for Years

May 7, 2015 at 4:49 pm |

Rihanna dresses up as Mario characters!

When she chooses to wear clothes, Rihanna is known for her wild sense of style. Did you ever stop to think where she might be pulling her ideas from?

Redditor Ranzok gave the world a beautiful gift yesterday (May 6) when he posted that his girlfriend had noticed more than a few uncanny similarities between Rihanna’s outfit choices and some of our favorite video game characters.

Ladies and gents, presenting Rihanna in Mario cosplay:

rihanna mario cosplay daisy

(Photo by imgur/ Ranzok)


See Rihanna dressed as your other favorite Mario characters…

Turns out Rihanna has been dressing up as Mario characters for years. I love whoever put this together.