Real Life Robot Wars: Can America Win? | Week in Geek

Jul 10, 2015 at 12:00 pm |

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Giant robot wars and artificial intelligence are the way of the future, so if you love Transformers or Pacific Rim, you’ll love this. It’s Japan vs. USA in this fight to the death, and these super-sized BattleBots are sure to make history.

After US-based MegaBots challenged the Japanese engineers at Suidobashi, they readily accepted to fight their robots in a duel. But does the US have what it takes to win?

Let’s face it: Japan is the land of fighting robots, and their culture readily supports robotic innovation. On the other hand, many Americans are distrusting of artificial intelligence. But we have one major advantage…

Watch our video to see what we have to say about the impending robot battle on this Week in Geek!

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Robots wars are the future, but does America have what it takes to beat Japan?