R2-D2 Gets Romantic In This Viral Short, ‘Artoo In Love’

Apr 1, 2015 at 3:47 pm |

Love, reality, and some underlying racial commentary come together in the short film Artoo In Love, which was posted to YouTube on Monday, March 30 and already has over 80,000 views.

Created by Evan Atherton and pleasantly scored by Devin Mooers (although I’d almost rather see this set to Satie’s “GymnopĂ©die”), the short brings everybody’s astromech droid to a time not so long ago and a galaxy that seems to be very much our own. Forget spy missions and rebellions, R2’s greatest challenge these days is similar to our own: falling in love.

Actually, it’s not the falling in love part that’s breaking this little guy’s heart, it’s finding reciprocation.

Who knew he was just like the rest of us? Now all I need is a built-in projector for all occasions…

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You’ve seen him battle the Empire, now watch him battle heartbreak. This will make your day!