Watch These Pyromaniacs Create a Wall of Fire!

Mar 27, 2015 at 10:59 am |

Everybody loves fire.

This is especially true for the guys behind David Hill’s YouTube page, who posted the following video of them using just a tennis ball and some suds to make an incredible, ephemeral wall of flames.

The setup is easy enough: an ignited tennis ball soaked in ethanol, a short ramp, and several containers filled with methane bubbles.

The coolest part? Listen closely from about 10-12 seconds in the video and you’ll hear what sounds like a high-pitched gust of wind. According to the pyros behind the video, the fire sucked in more air through the windows, which briefly simulated wind. You can see the papers fluttering on the wall.

What kind of school let’s them use a classroom to test this??

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