Photoshop or Not? Monster Alien Spider Captured on Camera

Aug 5, 2015 at 1:45 pm |

monster alien spider russia

(Photo by YouTube/ Daily Paranormal)

In spite of all the proof telling us that monsters do not exist, once in a while you see a video that makes you want to believe.

Several different videos uploaded to YouTube point towards the existence of what appear to be giant–and possibly alien–spiders that live on or near housing units in Russia. The main clip clearly shows the monster scaling the side of the building before nesting on the roof, while another upload also catches the beast lurking in the night.

The skeptic among us would probably be quick to cry “Photoshop!” immediately after watching the compilation below, but I wouldn’t be so sure. When it was originally posted on YouTube, the video quickly went viral and caused panic since the footage seemed so convincing given the poor quality of the film.

Upon closer inspection, the biggest and most apparent faults seem to be that the giant spider moves too lightly and swiftly, as is often a critique of computer graphics (CG). Also, the front left “leg” seems to extend too far when climbing the front of the building, and the shadows under the right legs are not equal to those we should be seeing under the body.

Still, you have to admit that the monster does look real, especially when the footage is more grainy. Who knows what creatures exist deep within Russia? SHARE this with a friend if you want to believe!!

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What is this monster?? This video looks real to me, but do you think it’s fake?