Paul Revere’s Time Capsule From 1795 Discovered In Boston

Dec 12, 2014 at 5:10 pm |

A time capsule was dug up on Thursday (Dec. 11) in Boston after a few construction workers accidentally came across the object while trying to repair a water leak.

Experts believe the capsule was buried by our very own patriots, Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, more than two centuries ago. The 219-year-old time capsule was placed in a cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House, dating back to 1795. This was the year construction had begun on the famed building.

A local expert from the Museum of Fine Arts was called in to analyze the antique. They carefully chipped away at the time capsule until they got down to its treasures hidden inside.

Massachusetts Secretary of State, William Galvin, told CNN:

What we know the box contains, based on the notes that we have, is a Paul Revere plate, papers, and coins from the 1600s. It may contain other stuff too, we don’t know that yet. The contents are of concern, but the plaster that held the box in place is in good condition.

The contents inside the time capsule will undergo examination by experts of the Museum of Fine Arts staff.

This discovery doesn’t come to much surprise for Galvin. He claims that this isn’t the first time this particular capsule was uncovered. “In 1855 it was dug up during emergency repairs to the State House and put back in place when the cornerstone was reset.” Way to put a damper and all the excitement! Galvin proceeded to say:

There were some coins that were tossed in the 1855 ceremony in the mix of the mortar. They are in good condition so we are optimistic that the box itself has withstood the test of time and that it will therefore be holding the contents securely.

All the contents found inside will be announced next week. The state office is trying to decide whether or not they want to rebury the time capsule– including contents from today’s era.

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