Dreams Do Come True: You Can Now Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Mar 31, 2015 at 3:01 pm |

Do you love Google Maps, or geography in general? And do you love Pac-Man? Then today, my friend, is your lucky day.

The classic arcade game, first introduced in 1980, can now be played practically anywhere in the world – from the street you grew up on to your dream vacation – on Google Maps. All you need is an area with enough roads.

Reportedly, this new, indescribably amazing feature (people with too much time on their hands say “hey!”) is part of Google’s annual array of April Fool’s Day gags, which means it’ll probably only be around for a little while. Hopefully there will be a way to access the game once the prank-filled holiday is past.

How to play: open up Google Maps and choose an area that you would like to play in. On the bottom left of your screen, you’ll see a small, square option (next to where ‘Earth’ or ‘map’ modes appear) that will prompt you to play Pac-Man. Use your arrow keys as controls, and enjoy!

Heads up: try starting in, say, Midtown Manhattan to get your bearings. For a challenge, upgrade to somewhere totally crazy like Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter or Marrakech’s covered market!

The only question left is, where are you going to play?

Sorry in advance for totally distracting you from work…

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The classic arcade game just took to the streets! This is the BEST distraction from work, you won’t be able to stop playing!