Octopus’ Thwarted Escape from Seattle Aquarium Will Make Your Skin Crawl!

Mar 6, 2015 at 11:24 am |

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It creeps! It crawls! Run, don’t walk, from… a cephalopod?

The filmed attempt of one octopus’ daring escape from a large cylindrical tank at the Seattle Aquarium is going viral this week.

And while the eight-legged Houdini didn’t even get half of his tentacles over the side of the tank before workers rushed to the rescue, there’s something to be said about how eerie it is to see those slippery, slimy limbs feel their way up the glass, whipping the open air all the while brandishing the pale suckers that simply make your skin crawl.

Although things suddenly get pretty underwhelming after the aquarium worker tosses the octopus back into the tank, the absolute best part of this video is the cries and screams of the onlookers in the background. You can hear the fear in the children’s voices and picture the tears running down their faces simply because one octopus almost escaped/ fell to its death. Hilarious.

Then again, maybe one day this octopus will have the last laugh…

Things got scary at the Seattle Aquarium when a large, slimy octopus started to break free… See the creepy video!