Introducing NintendoLand: Nintendo Signs Theme Park Deal With Universal

May 8, 2015 at 3:56 pm |

Have you ever dreamed of a Nintendo theme park? Well your dreams could turn into reality.

Nintendo announced yesterday (May 7) that they had arrived an at agreement with Universal to start introducing their characters and brands into Universal theme parks. It’s like Nintendo Land, only in real life.

While the idea of making an amusement park totally dedicated to the great Nintendo icons, characters, and video games, is nothing new, the struggle was always how to create something original, interesting, and financially successful. Following the implementation of a new strategy and increased earnings for the company over the past year, Nintendo finally felt that now was the time to make such a move into the real world. As per Nintendo’s statement:

“The immersive experiences will include major attractions at Universal’s theme parks and will feature Nintendo’s most famous characters and games” as well as “spectacular, dedicated experiences based on Nintendo’s wildly popular games, characters and worlds.”

To clarify, this won’t be Nintendo’s own theme park, but something more along the lines of how Six Flags contains characters from Looney Tunes and DC Comics.

Still, it’d be great to finally see Mario, Link, and all the rest in a theme park setting. Thinking of new attractions like “DK’s Barrel Challenge,” “Epona’s Wild Ride,” or real-life Mario Kart just gives me chills.

Finally, a theme park dedicated to Nintendo video games and characters!