Miracle Monkey Saves Friend’s Life

Dec 23, 2014 at 10:43 am |

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In Kanpur, India the daily commuters received more than their typical fare’s worth as they watched a dramatic rescue scene play out between two monkeys on the tracks.

According to Reuters, the simian CPR scene in the video occurred moments after one of the monkeys was electrocuted while walking along high-voltage wires set above the train tracks. Dr. Monkey stayed calm, and onlookers watched as it systematically dunked its friend into a pool of water, shaking and biting the monkey in an attempt at revival.

Thankfully, the monkeys – and the audience – received a happy ending when the fried monkey came to.

In New York City train stations even the friendliest of rats wouldn’t think twice about saving a buddy’s life. Aren’t you glad that we’re related to these guys instead?

This is a rescue video unlike you’ve ever seen. Check out this heroic monkey!