These Martial Artists Fight With Real Lightsabers

May 14, 2015 at 1:39 pm |

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The Japanese martial art of kendo, meaning “sword way,” is hundreds of years old and combines sword practice and traditional fighting into one very impressive and competitive sport.

But what would happen if the typical bamboo swords were replaced with lightsabers?

This awesome video shows two kendo swordsmen using Star Wars‘ most iconic weapon in a brief but intense round of fighting. While the style is much more fast paced than your typical duels from the movies – and missing some of the added pizazz of force jumps and telekinetic tendencies – it’s actually pretty beautiful to watch these two martial artists using a mythical weapon to practice their historical sport.

From the look of this match, one thing’s for sure: if those were real lightsabers, both fighters would have lost a limb or two.

Are you team purple or team blue? This video is proof that Jedi masters are among us!