You Won’t Believe Magic Leap’s Augmented Reality Demo

Mar 20, 2015 at 3:37 pm |

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If you’re not familiar with Magic Leap yet, this now-viral video might just pique your interest.

Magic Leap, Inc. is a fairly covert startup founded in 2011. Headquartered in Florida, the company has already raised over $540 million dollars to create the future of augmented reality vis-à-vis what one website calls “Google Glass on steroids.”

With Board of Directors members like Google’s Sundar Pichai and Don Harrison (the largest investor in Magic Leap is Google), it sounds like the mysterious company might just be showing some promise.


Yesterday (March 19), Magic Leap posted the above video to their YouTube page, and it already has over 397,500 views. The concept video shows a mind-bending, reality-warping shooter game that uses the company’s product – something lightweight and wearable that they call Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal hardware – to make reality just a tad more magical. The result? We want it.

According to Magic Leap’s website, the company is based on the following idea:

[T]hat computing should be shaped and forged to work for us: our life, our physiology, our connected relationships. That exploring human creativity is as great an adventure as exploring space.

It’s an idea based in the belief that people should not have to choose between technology or safety, technology or privacy, the virtual world or the real world.

This belief was born from two simple observations:

1. That current technologies we use to access the digital world limit, or even take us away, from the real world.
2. That the future of computing should be derived from respecting human biology, physiology, creativity, and community. Why can’t computing feel completely natural?

So, do you think that Magic Leap is just a whole lotta’ talk? Or is this really the “next big thing”?

Can you even tell if this is this real life or virtual reality? That’s the whole point! Check out the incredible concept video!