Los Angeles Is a Ghost Town in the First Look at ‘Fear the Walking Dead’

Jul 8, 2015 at 11:53 am |

fear the walking dead 2

(Photo by YouTube/ amc)

How do you create the outbreak of a zombie apocalypse? For the second time, AMC has taken on the task of showing us what would happen in America should our worst nightmares become reality.

Following the staggering success of The Walking Dead, which premiered in 2010, AMC announced a while back that it would be producing a spinoff that finally explores the onset of the zombie apocalypse as experienced by a group of “ordinary characters living in extraordinary times” in Los Angeles. Now we finally have our first behind the scenes look at the upcoming TV drama, Fear the Walking Dead.

In the video below, we get some exciting glimpses of the very eerie set, which depicts a Los Angeles that feels more like the ghost towns of the Midwest than a bustling metropolis. The empty streets, the ghettos, and the hazy sky over the seemingly decrepit city–not to mention that bloody corpse–are the silent harbingers of the end of civilization.

What makes us nervous about this preview isn’t so much the lack of actual zombies as the actors’ and producers’ heavy emphasis on the humanity and “the family drama” in the show, or how unique the script is for a piece in the zombie genre. Should fans of the original show, which heartily indulges us with the undead, be worrying that the spinoff won’t deliver the zombie gore we know and love? Maybe, but maybe not.

Then there’s the trailer itself, which looks absolutely SICK. Even fans that are tired of The Walking Dead might find new life in this spinoff. Can’t get enough zombies? SHARE with your friends to get them pumped for the new spinoff, which premieres this August!

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We can’t wait for the “Walking Dead” spinoff, but where are all the zombies?