LOL: What Your Online Laugh Says About You

Aug 10, 2015 at 3:08 pm |

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Whether or not you’re actually laughing out loud, everybody loves to laugh online or via text. But did you know that how you express your laugh gives away plenty of information about your age, sex, and location?

Facebook just released a study of how people laugh online, and the results seem pretty spot-on. Not surprisingly, age and gender are the biggest factors in determining whether people use “lol,” “haha,” “hehe,” or emoji to express their e-laughter. But did they get your laughing profile right?

The most popular type of laugh on Facebook is “haha” or any variant thereof (e.g. hahaha or hhaaha), with 51.4% of users who expressed an e-laugh during the period of the study. The least popular laugh was “lol” with only 1.9% usage. That shouldn’t come as a shock to anybody under the age of 35.

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What I found most surprising from this study was that “hehe” was not the preferred style of laughter from younger users, even though I started hearing this rumor earlier in the summer. That’s good news for me because I think “hehe” can be pretty creepy, though not as annoying as “lol” or the singular “ha” that can kill any conversation in an instant.

The obvious curveball in the research was emoji usage. Young people and women love emoji, and even favor using them to express laughter over the traditional “haha” or “hehe.” They’re also more popular in cities like Chicago and New York, whereas “lol” dominates in Phoenix and “hehe” is the favorite in San Francisco.

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You won’t believe what people already know about you based on how you laugh online.