Is This Official Mega Man Helmet Worth the Price?

Jul 7, 2015 at 6:56 pm |

Old school gamers are thrilled today to hear Capcom’s announcement about the first official, wearable Mega Man helmet.

With San Diego Comic-Con kicking into full gear on July 9, fans from across the world are eagerly awaiting a weekend of geeking out, complete with their most imaginative and most impressive cosplay costumes. But how far are people willing to go to have the most authentic look?

Capcom hasn’t listed a price for the impressive Mega Man helmet, but their blog stated that it’s “[m]ade of high quality ABS plastic with a high polish finish, authentic proportions and details, plus working LED lights! A unique clamshell hinge allows the front and back half of the helmet to easily open up to comfortably fit your head inside the soft padded interior for a perfect fit.”

The “high quality replica” is not for sale yet, but is expected to go on a limited time pre-order soon, which raises the question: how much will Capcom charge for it?

Fans have been known to spend at least $600 dollars for their time at Comic-Con, with others spending much more to put together that perfect costume and buy the geekiest accessories, but where do you draw the line? We can only assume that this Mega Man helmet–albeit awesome–is going to go for a fairly hefty price, but wouldn’t a homemade one be more respected for all the effort that goes into it?

In the meantime, you might be better off sticking to the Mega Man mini-helmets seen below. How much would YOU spend on your favorite gaming accessories? SHARE with your friends and find out how far they would go!

How much would you spend on Capcom’s first official, wearable Mega Man helmet?