Is the New Fantastic Four Just A Rehash of the Avengers?

Jul 14, 2015 at 5:13 pm |

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Dejá vù(Photo by Twitter/ BroBible/ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/ Photofest)

So the final trailer for Fantastic Four is out, and you have to admit, it looks pretty awesome. There’s just one issue: it looks totally unoriginal.

Even though I’ve been known to rant and rave about the unnecessary amount of superhero movies Marvel, DC, and friends are throwing at us, I’ll still be at the theater when the new Fantastic Four opens on August 7. We’ll see if this new group is any more fantastic than the last batch; unfortunately, the screen grabs we see in the trailer make it sound like the script is pretty terrible, but I digress.

There’s one thing that really stuck out to me while watching this new trailer: it was exactly the same as Avengers: Age of Ultron. No really, I’m serious.

You have to admit that, over the course of a 76-year career in comics, Stan Lee’s creations will share common characteristics, have crossovers between themselves, and even depended on time travel and parallel universes in order to feel new and exciting. Any group of superheroes—the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the Justice League—absolutely depends on both super cohesion and human trivialities to maintain a relatable, engaging stature over time. That being said, the internal bickering is expected, as is the confrontation against a seemingly unbeatable enemy, as is the ultimate coming together of the group in order to overcome said enemy. Sometimes it’s just plain tough to be original.

new fantastic four trailer

Sokovia, is that you? (Photo by YouTube/ 20th Century Fox)

But there’s something in the Fantastic Four trailer that really stuck out to me: at around 1:41, we see an enormous chunk of land being lifted off the face of the Earth. By 1:47, it has formed a giant chasm in the ground. Ring any bells?

You may remember the Battle of Sokovia, the climactic fight scene towards the end of Age of Ultron where a giant part of Marvel’s fictional country Sokovia gets propelled upwards in hopes of using it like a massive asteroid to wipe out the human race. Call me crazy, but is that exactly the same thing we see happening in the trailer?

Let’s not forget that Sokovia is an invention of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which clearly is based off of Transia from the comics. Transia, in turn, isn’t so different from Latveria—insofar as they are both very stereotypically Eastern European countries invented at the height of the Cold War. Latveria is under the rule of Doctor Doom, who appears to be the main enemy of the new Fantastic Four movie.

Long story short, I get that all these superhero plots take place in the same universe, but how much crossover is there going to be? How much can we handle? At the very least, be prepared to see some team-ups headed our way in the future.

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