International Space Station Evacuation Scare

Jan 14, 2015 at 11:42 am |

There was a big scare aboard the International Space Station this morning when a reported gas leak sent astronauts of Expedition 42 into evacuation procedures.

NASA reported that at around 4 A.M. EST, alarms were triggered, raising concerns about an ammonia leak onboard the American segment of the ISS. The 6 crew members quickly and safely relocated to the Russian segment of the space station, from where they continued to monitor the situation.

Such a leak is one of the most common scenarios that astronauts prepare for during training, allowing the crew to respond well to the alarms.

Thankfully, NASA is now reporting that no ammonia leak has been confirmed, and that the alarms might have gone off due to faulty triggers. You can stay up to date with NASA news on their Twitter page.

There was a big scare aboard the ISS this morning. Read NASA’s Twitter statements!