This Incredible ‘Game of Thrones’ Infographic Depicts Every* Death in Detail

Apr 7, 2015 at 4:40 pm |

Valar Morghulis indeed!

Thanks to the enviable creativity of Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra, the Washington Post just published one of the most bada$$ tributes to Game of Thrones we’ve ever seen.

Every GoT fan knows how hard it is to keep track of who’s alive and who’s dead after various battles, episodes, and seasons, but this artfully crafted infographic just made reminding ourselves so much easier.

From stags to direwolves to kings, all 456 deaths in the first four seasons of HBO’s Game of Thrones are (literally) drawn out for you, along with helpful information like allegiance as well as the location, method, and reason behind the death. The interactive chart even accounts for the deaths of manticores, leeches, and a pigeon – may the Stranger guide them home.

Even cooler, the website shows the deadliest characters in the series. #1 may just surprise you!

Then again, I don’t see any mention of the 163 slave children crucified en route to Meereen, not to mention the 163 Great Masters that Daenerys has crucified in return, so who knows just how trustworthy this infographic is.

This is amazing. But are there a few people they’re leaving out? Spoiler alert!